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5 Videos that make your business STAND OUT.

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Would you prefer to learn about a company by watching a video that showcases their highlights, or read about them in a big block of text?

Let's be honest, it's hard to ignore the power of a compelling video.

Video is not only one of the most beneficial ways to engage with your viewers, but it's the ideal way to raise the profile of your business. Here are our top tips for driving you to video success.

Choose the video that suits your goals

Using video to convince viewers of your expertise can be achieved in different ways.

Tutorial / Explainer video

This sort of video is ideal for showing off your expertise on a subject, and by delivering a solution to your viewer, you gain their trust and respect.

If you’re highly competent in something, you can demonstrate or teach your audience how to do it properly. Showing your capabilities by teaching is an excellent way of gaining their confidence in you and your business.

Product video

Product videos are brilliant for online shops as you can make a short video for every product you stock, allowing the customer to check it out before they buy to see if it fits the bill.

Customers will appreciate that efforts you've made and will often stay on your website much longer and browse for more items. It adds another level of professionalism and improves their perception of your brand.

Case Study video

What better way to show customers what you can do for them than by showing them what you've already done?

If customers are on the fence about using your product or service, the chances are they like what they see but want to feel confident that it's going to work for them. Extra points if you can include some glowing customer testimonials.

Testimonial video

Yes, you can talk all you like about how good you and your business are, but nothing quite hammers the message home like a testimonial video from a delighted customer. Let's be honest, a couple of written testimonials on your website are never going to have the impact you get from seeing and hearing it from the horse's mouth. These are your walking, talking five-star reviews, and they secure sales.

Meet the team / About us video

Ask business leaders what their greatest asset is, and an answer you'll commonly hear is "Our people."

Analyse your own habits as a buyer, do you prefer the personal touch? To feel a connection on a human level. A friendly waiter that goes the extra mile, or the customer service rep that listens to your problem and solves it without passing the buck.

People do business with people they like. If you've got a great team, showing off their personalities is a great way to get engagement and build loyalty with your customers.

Getting your script right

The essential tool for creating an influential video communicating your expertise, the script is your plan for the story the video is going to tell. Make sure you know your audience, so you get the tone right. Once you're happy with that, you can think about the story that you want to tell.

Find the pain points that your customers have and address them early in the script. If your viewer identifies with the problem you're explaining, they will be more engaged and more inclined to keep watching. Knowing their pain points and delivering your solution and you're off to a flyer.

Keep it simple, give them the big selling points but don't read them the manual. Whatever your product, service or solution is. Remember, you don't have to explain every last detail. Unless you're making an in-depth tutorial or explainer video, keep it concise and don't overload the viewer with jargon and too much information. It's a turn-off, and they will be less likely to stick around and watch it all.

Finally, when writing any script, be sure to include a strong call to action. This is crucial to the success of your video as it tells your viewer what to do next. If they need to call you, follow your page, or just hit the order button and buy it now. Be clear with your CTA.

Hire a professional videographer

Creating compelling and professional videos requires a blend of different skills from voice-overs to editing and special effects. Calling in a professional helps to ensure the quality of your video shines through and turns out just how you want it, or even better!

You don’t necessarily have to spend big budgets to create high-quality video for your business. Check out our examples here.

Share it far and wide.

Having an awesome video is useless if your audience can't find it. This is the exciting part where all your hard work pays off. Share it on your blog is a good start. That way when you share it elsewhere, you can link it back to your website.

Next, publish it on your social media. Don't just copy and paste to every channel though, think about how people interact on LinkedIn, for example, creating a discussion and getting people to share it. When posting on Twitter or Instagram, ask for feedback and hashtag it to a relevant topic. If you're building a YouTube channel, write up a proper description and use keywords as tags.

These are our top tips on creating awesome video content for your business. Following these will help increase your engagement on social media and grow your brand's influence online.

What sort of people would we be if we didn't follow our own advice on finishing with a clear call to action!?

Need help creating high-quality video content for your business? Pick up the phone or drop us an email today.


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